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Now you’ve purchased your wood, what are you going to do with it? How are you going to make it a finished wood product? Finishing wood projects is where you get to bring your artistic touch to the project.

Your hand selected piece journeys from Woodlot 366, to our faller, our log skidder or logging horse, our sawyer and then to you.

Finishing wood projects

Finishing wood projects

As the buyer of our milled product, you can create exactly what you’re looking for. Turn your rough cut wood into a one of a kind work of art or let us create it for you.

You create your own wooden masterpiece with its own history and story. Examples run the spectrum from coffee tables to post and beam timber frame, from live edge slab dining room tables to massive stair treads, from bridge decking to your dream log home.

Show us the sky is the limit when finishing wood projects

Your attention to detail and artistic eye make your wood creation a piece of art. Send us a picture of your finished project or share it on our Facebook page!

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