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Woodlot 366

Nestled between the South Chilcotin Mountains and the Bendor Range, this sustainable woodlot in dry belt Douglas fir forest is the start of our wood production.

Woodlot 366 is located in the same forested area miners logged in the 1850s, still using the select logging, uneven age stand approach. This is because of the largely dry belt Douglas fir forest that lends itself to select logging. But select logging is not the norm in the industry. Douglas fir is the only species that can be select logged, but many other logging companies choose to clear cut.

Sustainable woodlot logging

We have always done our own logging of Woodlot 366. We partner with a local ecotourism operator whose wilderness guides and horses take time off from packing in the mountains to work with us. These guides are flexible and adaptable, operating the chainsaws, skidder, Cat and logging truck. Many of our logging crew are female, another industry anomaly in a male-dominated industry.

Woodlot 366 has created many opportunities for those involved to get experience in the forestry industry. We use the woodlot as a training ground for bushcraft and survival courses, teaching guide schools, conservation and stewardship of wildlife habitats, chainsaw training, equipment operating, tree faller training, range use, trail rides and more.

Sustainable woodlot conservation

We implement best practices for management and planning to create a comprehensive, long-term woodlot management plan that promotes the health of the forest and establishes a sustainable and environmentally-conscious income.

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