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Can’t find what your looking for on our site? Let us know and we will contact our milling partners to source that custom piece of lumber or character wood you are looking for. We can source all wood products, just let us know.

All wood products

Our milling partners get you all wood products

Partner Mills

Looking for a special style?

We work with other portable band mills for special orders and custom cut orders that we can’t fulfill. Through these complimentary partnerships with other custom cut mills, we can source almost every style, shape and size of wood imaginable.

Let us know what you’re looking for and if we can’t make it, we’re sure our partners can!

Log Suppliers

Looking for an exotic tree species?

We also have partners who supply different species of logs to us and our partner mills. Aroborists may be working on an elm tree or a maple tree and they call us up to see if we can use it. Or a small property owner is clearing some land and wants to find a good use for their trees. These small volumes are not appealing for the big mills but work perfectly for our custom cut mill.

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