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Horse Logging

Today, horse logging is a rare practice but it conjures up images of pioneers and mountain explorers. Driving horses instead of heavy machinery may be old-fashioned, but it’s a responsible and effective method for woodlot management.

Horse logging

Horse logging for sustainability

Horse logging naturally lends itself to sustainable forestry practices and woodlot management, making it different from other kinds of logging. The physical impact that horse logging has on the environment is minimal. Their hooves do not damage the forest soil and root systems like heavy machinery does. This prevents collateral damage to surrounding trees, even when driving horses through dense forests. These are unique environmental benefits that accompany logging with horses.

This traditional practice means each log is individually dragged to the landing by our hardworking horses.

Meet our best logging horses

Although many are now retired, their contribution, determination and passion inspires us all.


Babe’s passion is logging. She likes nothing better, even now she’s retired the sight of the logging harness gets her excited! In her prime, Babe could run all day and never got tired of skidding in logs, making sure production was always up.


One of our current logging horses and our youngest team member, Billy brings tons of enthusiasm to the job. He prefers to work in a team, but can also get the job done alone.

Old Blue

Calm, stable and reliable, Blue was a great leader and his steady demeanour made him perfect for even the toughest of skids. Pulling in a team with RBG or alone, Blue knew exactly what he needed to do.


RBG stands for Really Big Guy. This gentle giant loved to pull even the heaviest logs, making sure he got the job done every time. There was nothing RBG liked better than being in harness.

Logging horses train new recruits

Our horses are not only part of the logging crew, they also train our new horse loggers, practicing in their grazing pastures, harrowing the fields and skidding logs.

From horse logging to trail rides

All of our logging horses are also trail riding horses – just like the human logging crew, they are flexible and adaptable and do whatever it takes to get the job done.

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