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Select Logging

Select logging – where forestry and conservation meet.

Select logging or partial forest removal mean 50% harvest of a cut block. This is done by taking a variety of tree sizes, leaving an uneven age stand that continues to grow. Select logging works like thinning a carrot patch, the remaining trees get more light, water and minerals so everything grows better.

Select logging

Select logging and its environmental benefits

By only removing half of the harvestable trees and leaving the rest of the forest, select logging creates many environmental benefits over clear cut logging.

  • The rest of the trees remain standing. This means loggers use methods with a lighter ecological footprint to fall and remove the trees from the forest – horses, chainsaws, skidders and bulldozers.
  • Select logging leaves a more natural forest than clear cutting, which supports a greater variety of wildlife.
  • Select logging leaves habitat intact for wildlife migration routes.
  • With select logging, loggers harvest trees every 20 years instead of every 100 with clear cut logging. This increases production without taxing the environment.

This leaves a smaller environmental impact than clear cut logging.

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