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Sustainable Manufacturing

Things have come full circle. The bush mill site that operated 150 years ago has a bush mill once again for sustainable manufacturing. We are harvesting the same Douglas fir forest with the same select logging approach. We still use horses to skid logs out of the sensitive areas and down the steep slopes to reduce road building.

Sustainable manufacturing

Products made with sustainable manufacturing

The mill cuts the same products as 150 years ago. Timbers, beams and dimension lumber become other finished products such as panelling, decking and siding.

Woodlot 366 produces direct value-added products. These include house logs, poles, fence rails, Christmas trees and high quality Douglas fir logs for milling. The mill also produces live edge slabs for unique design tables, furniture, character wood and vertical grain lumber for windows and doors.

These multiple layers of value added production make the product produced as diverse as the forest it comes from.

Sustainable manufacturing and non-standard sizes

We craft each piece on our small-operation circular saw mill. In most stores and lumber yards, you won’t find timbers bigger than 12×12. However, our mill cuts up to 22×22, providing you a greater range of sizes for all of your projects. This extra size allows us to cut our specialty products. Looking for a single slab table top or a large piece of rustic room art? Our sawmill can cut the dimensions you’re looking for!

Each piece is custom cut. You know your one of a kind piece of wood will be a work of art, tailored exactly to your specifications.

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