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Conservation Stewardship

We produce sustainable wood because conservation is at the heart of everything we do.

The responsibility for nature conservation ranges from every individual to all governments and the international community. We support responsible resource and land management.

Sustainable Wood

Sustainable wood – our conservation partners

Chilcotin Ark Insitute

We work with the Chilcotin Ark Institute, which conducts research, conservation and stewardship projects in the Chilcotin Ark. They are involved in data collection & analysis, stakeholder engagement, wildlife and habitat enhancement projects, land and resource management. For 30 years the Chilcotin Ark Institute has supported habitat connectivity and climate change resilience. Because of this they promote a working land base and management that sustains a viable populations of species.

Stewardship Foundation

Our partner the Stewardship Foundation takes a leadership role to benefit wildlife and their habitat. They strive to create a working land base. They measure the success of conservation efforts by achieving maximum wildlife population numbers for the habitat‘s potential carrying capacity because this is the indicator for sustainable land management. Their efforts connect research to high level planning to engage “on the ground” activity.

Community Mill and sustainable wood

Select logging, horse logging and selling reclaimed wood are all ways we contribute to conservation. We minimize our environmental impact by eliminating wood, using methods with a small ecological footprint and reusing products. For more information, take a look at our select logging and horse logging pages.

By purchasing our products you support our stewardship and conservation efforts.

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